Healthy Kids

Welcome to the Healthy Kids page. This page is directed mostly for adults so if you are a kid checking out this page, ask your parents or your teacher to read it with you. Below you will find both curriculum and links to resources.

Listed below is¬†“What do you know?” Quiz*¬†curriculum including slides and tests for instructors of nursing students and parent educators.

General Resources
Pediatric Environmental Health Resources*
Children’s Environmental Health Slides*
Introduction to Children’s Environmental Health*
Suggestions For A Successful Presentation*
Introduction to Children’s Environmental Health Evaluation Form*
“What do you know?” Quiz*

Links marked with an asterisk (*) are .doc files and require Microsoft Word to be installed on your computer to be properly viewed.

The links below will help you learn more about protecting yourself and your family from toxins in the environment.

Pediatric Environmental Health” handbook
Tell your family pediatrician or school nurse about this book

Healthy Child Healthy World

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s

Clancy the Mercury-Sniffing Dog

Environmental Diseases from A to Z

Join the Health Wave

National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

Household Products Database

The Mount Sinai Center’s