Kids Campaign to Cool Our Earth

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A to Z climate change topics to help your kids understand the issue and find empowering ways to slow global warming.


Increased global warming occurs because our planet’s air gets heated from too much human-caused air pollution.  Kids can help to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

Burning Fossil Fuels

Learn why burning fossil fuels can cause our climate to change and how kids can help slow Earth’s warming.

Clean Energy

There’s dirty energy like gas and coal in the air all around us.  It causes global warming. Why not use clean energy like solar and wind power? Children can teach their community about using clean energy.


Climate change is warming up Earth’s oceans.  For dolphins, a warmer water habitat can cause problems. To protect dolphins, children can teach their parents about global warming.


Elephants are big, strong animals but humans are causing big problems for them. They are struggling with increased heat due to global warming.  Get more details about how kids can help.


Forests are disappearing for so many reasons and global warming is one of them.

Green Shopping

Green shopping can be a way to help slow Earth’s climate change but watch out for “greenwashing.”  Which is when products have labels that say they are safe for the Earth but they are not safe.


When Earth is warming, it can affect human health in a negative way.  


Due to global warming, we have too many of some insects and too few of others, that are very important to the balance of nature.

Jaguar and Jellyfish

A warming planet can heat the oceans increasing jellyfish and heat the rainforests where jaguars can struggle to survive.

Kids For Saving Earth

Founder, 11-year-old Clinton Hill, knew that kids could improve the health of the Earth. Kids can work through Kids for Saving Earth to slow climate change.

Love and LED

It takes loving our Earth to seriously work to protect it. One way we can show our love is by using LED lights to reduce energy usage. 

Money and Methane

It costs lots of money to repair some of the side effects of global warming. Storms and floods caused by global warming cost our government millions and millions of dollars. Methane rising from Earth’s land creates even more heating of our planet.

National Parks and Security

As Earth heats up, national forests, parks, and the animals who count on them are struggling to adapt to climate change. At the same time, our planet’s national security becomes less secure. Instead of protecting communities, the military has become involved with protecting people from the aftermath of increased hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wildfires, and more.

Organic Lands

Bad farming practices are a major cause of climate change. However, we can make a change and ask the world to farm organically!

Precious Species

Animals all over the world are struggling with changes in their habitat due to global warming. Learn about what you can do to help protect precious species.  

Queen Bee

Queen bees and all bees are struggling with many challenges, including that the climate changes when pollinating plants are blossoming. This means the pollinating schedule for bees has to change. Can bees adapt to this?


Rainforests and all forests can soak up tons of CO2 to help slow global warming; however, they are disappearing for a variety of man-made reasons. 

Sea Level and Solar Power

Our planet’s sea levels are rising due to global warming, which results in melting ice in the North and South Pole. Solar power will help slow global warming.

Tundra and Technology

As tundra melts, it releases CO2 , increasing global warming. To slow global warming we need to use our new technology like solar, wind and wave power, electric cars, and more.

Urban Heat

Big, busy, crowded cities full of cement, parking lots, energy-guzzling cars, trucks, factories, and homes create an island of heat in the city to cause global warming. 

Vanishing Species and Volunteers

Human activity leading to global warming has created many problems for species on our planet. They are vanishing at a record rate. We need volunteers to help find solutions to stop this climate change. 

Water and Weather

The change in Earth’s climate makes the weather warmer and often extreme. It also causes warming of water on our planet, which alters water habitat. Warmer water increases storms and flooding.


You are the X-factor. You can protect Earth from global warming. You can volunteer to help. You can reach out to government leaders. You can make a difference in your very own backyard. 


Young people can make bigger changes than they think they can. Youth can influence their friends, parents, and leaders in their communities to take big steps to protect our planet from climate change. 

Zero Time Left

We are in the midst of global warming. There is zero time left but plenty of opportunities to slow global warming. We must act now.