May Letter

Dear Earth Protectors,

Even through these tough times so many of you have been very busy with Earth-saving activities. Thank you!! I’ve heard from many of you but would really like to hear more. Can you send me stories and photos of what you have been doing to help protect our beautiful Earth. We’d love to put a few on our website.

May is here and hopefully we will soon be ending remote learning. In the meantime here are a few activities you can have your students do remotely or with small groups. (and masks)

A very important activity your kids can do is to plant a monarch garden. Learn how on Monarchs Matter. They’ll probably need to talk their family into doing this together. Next check out Monarchs Count to count and record how many Monarchs have visited their home. The garden doesn’t have to be complete to get started with the count.

There are so many more activities from the May calendar. While you’re counting, how about counting birds. Check out this site to learn how. Some of the flowers they plant this summer could be wild flowers. Why not join the Wildflower Team. They can take pictures of wildflowers they see and email them to KSE. Kids can also grow their own wildflower garden. How about showing your students how they can actually create their own Kids for Saving Earth Children’s Forest in their backyard, school ground or church yard?

Finally, have your students take the Vacation Promise to commit to a whole summer of Earth-saving activities. Teach them how to use the KSE website to find endless ways to protect Earth.

Thanks for helping kids help Earth.