Wild Flowers

Join the KSE Wild Flower Team


Step One

Take a hike in the woods or a meadow and take your camera or your sketchbook along with you.

Step Two

Simply take photos or enjoy sketching the wildflower plant.

Step Three

Record the location where you found it and try to find its name.
To find out the name of the wildflower you have discovered, it is
best to “google” wildflowers by your state.  For example Wildflowers in Minnesota

Step Four

Email photos or scanned colorful artwork to [email protected] or snail mail to:
37955 Bridge Road, North Branch, MN 55056
Include your first name, email address and school or other groups, city and state.

Step Five

See below to check out what the KSE Wildflower team has done so far.

Step Six

Plant a wildflower garden and put a wildflower wild sign in the area you planted.

Click Here to See the Flower Pictures!