Make a Vacation Promise to Earth

It’s a vacation time but Earth still needs help. What can kids do to help Earth.
Check out the links below to get ideas, discuss them with your students. then ask your them to
choose some Earth-saving activities they would like to do. They can make up their own too.
Next click on the Vacation Promise link, print it out and give one to each student. Ask the kids
to fill out their promise to Earth and place them on your classroom bulletin board. Finally,
hand them back to your students just before school lets out.


Order and read Exciting Earth Adventures

Ask Adults to Take the Kids for Saving Earth Promise

Create a Can Can Carnival for your neighborhood.

Go on a Garbage Walk in your Neighborhood

With an adult, find out if you have a house with too much pollution

Plant an Organic Garden

Print out Teaching Grown ups and read it with your parents.

Join the Wild Flower Wild Team

Learn about honeybees and tell your parents.

Help your parents compost

Create a Backyard (or balcony) Habitat for nature

Order and read Clinton’s Tree of Life