June Letter

Dear Earth-saving Friends!

It’s June and it is a great time to start planting! You can have your students involved in planting beautiful wildflower gardens this spring or give them the goal to get Wild Flower Wise during the summer. They will add beauty to their neck of the woods while making butterflies and bees very happy. And while they are at it, they can start their own Children’s Forest. Clinton’s Backyard Habitat is another way to help the planet. 

Summer time often means camping for families, so teach your students about your national parks in Find a National Park and Save Our Parks. Understanding the value of our park systems will help kids want to protect more lands for parks.

Instruct your students about what they can do to help their father and Earth on Father’s Day in the Father’s Day Project.

Worried about insects this summer? Global warming is increasing the insect problem. Learn how in Insects and Climate Change.

We are excited to have received some photos of beautiful children working on Earth Day (month) projects. We have more to add and you’ll see them soon. Check them out in Earth Day Selfie photos here and For the Beauty of Our Earth photos here.

An easy way you can help Kids for Saving Earth is to sign up for Amazon Smiles. Anything you order from Amazon will benefit if you choose Kids for Saving Earth as your nonprofit to support. It will cost you nothing but Amazon donates a small amount to our Earth-saving cause for every order. Every penny counts!

Thanks for all you do to help children.