Save Our Parks


We need stronger rules to protect parks. Many city, state, and national park budgets are being cut. That means there is not enough money to take good care of the parks. Industries are trying to use national wildlife refuges, forest, and other special places to make money by oil drilling, logging, and mining. These activities can upset the balance of nature in our public lands, therefore, hurting our parks and our Earth. Public parks everywhere need financial support. Tell your friends and family to ask your governmental leaders to support and protect our parks.

It’s amazing how what kids think and speak out about can influence very important people.
Kids can make a difference by sending their power posters to our political leaders who can help protect our parks.

1. On legal sized paper, have your students write the words “Save Our Parks.” Fill in the letters with bright colors.
2. Below the title draw bright colorful park pictures. This includes the beach, forest, desert, mountain, prairie/meadow, and tropical state and national parks, as well as your local community parks. Include drawings of some of the plants and animals that need these parks as their home You might want to ask your students to “google” the words “photos of parks” to get some ideas. Also, they should check with their school library to find books about parks.
3. Scan in some of your drawings and email them to KSE. We will place them on our website. If you prefer to mail some, sent them to Kids for Saving Earth, 37955 Bridge Rd, North Branch, MN 5505
4. First place the Power Posters on the walls of your school, church, home, etc.
5. Next, send some of your posters to your governmental leaders. You might send some to your mayor, your governors, your state senators and representatives, your US Congressional leaders. Click here to find addresses.

Click here for a downloadable and printable version.