Second KSE Meeting

Dear Families,
Today we had our second Kids for Saving Earth meeting.  Dylan and Shreya co-chaired the meeting.  Shreya led us in the Kids for Saving Earth Promise.  Dylan did the treasury report.  We received 82 cents from Ryland.  Ryland asked what he could do to earn money for KSE and his Mom paid him 50 cents for doing the dishes. Abby donated three dollars from her piggy bank. Skylin was cleaning at home and found a penny and donated it to KSE.  This brought our grand total to $26.17.  Animal reports were given by Emily-giraffes, Olivia-polar bears, Alyson-camels, Ryland-alligators and crocodiles, and Paige-tigers.  We listed all the animals from the animal reports.  The children voted and we had it down to the top four.  We voted again, and the children voted to sponsor tigers.  We are sponsoring a tiger through Defenders of Wildlife for $25.  The children are so excited.
Aelyse and her mom went on the KSE website and wanted to share, “Reading for the Earth Challenge.”  Aelyse shared this challenge with the KSE members.  The children voted to send the challenge home and share it with their families.  Emily thought it would be a great way to get reading minutes.  This was truly a way to empower the children.  The challenge is attached to this letter.  It is up to your families if you would like to participate.  Thanks so much for your continued support.