Holmen, Wisconsin

No Idling Sign designed by KSE Club Members







Kids for Saving Earth Club, Jan 26th, 2007

Scott led us in our KSE Promise. Jenna donated 12 cents to KSE!  Thanks Jenna! Connor was our treasurer!  Mrs. Burge went around her house and van and scavenged up $1 to donate to KSE.  We now have $9.26!  Keep bringing in those donations! They all add up!

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Next Meeting 2/2.



2011 KSE Meeting

We begin singing the KSE Promise.  Every year the children automatically put their arms around each other and sway back and forth.  It is the soothing rhythm of the Promise and also the community promoted by the lyrics.




Here are some pictures when Cheryl Hancock, School Board Member and Director of the La Crosse Chapter of the Red Cross, came to our KSE meeting and accepted our $96 we raised for Japan Tsumami victims.  Masen gave over $50 of his own money.  Masen is making the presentation.

Club Activities

Mrs. Burges’ class sent 18 letters to a state senator, asking him to help protect a wetland area in Wisconsin.
Click here to view those letters.

Viking Elementary Kids for Saving Earth Club is writing stories about animals.

La Crosse Tribune article
February 5th, 2008

Minutes From Ms. Burge’s Class



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