November Kids for Saving Earth Meeting.

Today we had our KSE meeting. We began with our treasury report. Sami donated 25 cents from her piggy bank. The children had $22.35. Next, we looked at the November e-pal newsletter on the SMART board. We read about how it is great to buy real Christmas trees and the KSE Rainforest. The children asked me to send the e-pal newsletter to their families electronically. So I did. The children also voted to draw you some trees and they are in the envelope with this letter. We had several animal reports today. Jake and Katrina: Gorillas; Choua and Delilah: Wild Horses; Shane: Okapis (I had never heard of this animal before!) Lexi and Lauren: Owls, and Hannah; Black footed ferrets. The children votes to adopt an Okapi. They have also adopted a pandas, and sent 15$ to the Ocean Conservancy to help protect the habitat of polar bears from global warming. Macy’s is also doing a program to raise money for Make A Wish. The children also wrote letters to Santa, addressed them to “Santa, North Pole” and for each letter Macy’s will donate a dollar to Make a Wish. We sent in 20 letters to raise $20. It was an exciting KSE Day! Have a great Thanksgiving!