May 2009

Environmental Education

Our Second Grade Kids for Saving Earth Club did environmental presentations for all grade levels.  These presentations informed the audience about the rainforest in Madagascar, and also persuaded audience members to take action by buying t-shirts to help save this rainforest.  The presentations were highly successful as we sold 214 t-shirts and saved 21.4 acres of rainforest in Madagascar.  The children also write animal reports, and participate in weekly KSE Club meetings. We earned money for our club selling baked goods at our PTO bake sale.  The children also work hard doing chores at home to earn money to donate to our club. Other sources of money for our projects come from tooth fairy money, allowance, recycling cans, etc.  This year the children have sponsored a tiger and bald eagle through Defenders of Wildlife, a giraffe and a whale shark through World Wildlife Fund, and a Matschie’s Tree Kangaroo through the St. Louis Zoo.  The animals chosen for sponsorship are all based on the animal reports the children have presented to the club.

Here are the Second Grade Curriculum Objectives:

*    Increase knowledge of environmental education
*    Develop the values and behaviors to be stewards of the environment
*    Develop and understanding and appreciation of the environment
*    Develop an aesthetic awareness of the environment
*    Develop an understanding of and skills related to environmental education
*    Provide an understanding that environmental education is a part of their everyday life

PS I have also attached a picture of this year’s class around our newly dedicated Peace Pole.