May 2008

Our sign is up and was dedicated on Earth Day!  One of our clinical students purchased an INFO TUBE and it is placed below the sign.  Brooklyn has two laminated copies of her “NO IDLE FACTS” in the tube for people to read and then put back in the tube!  We didn’t want to waste paper!  The children are featured in this week’s Holmen Courier!  There is a picture and an article.  I will write to the editor and see if he can send them to you.  Did you send the $100 to Scott Kronn’s sign company? Several children are drafting letters this week and we will compile these into one letter and send it to local businesses and schools.  The children are really excited about taking this project further.  Did you get the artwork from Scott Kronn’s company for the sign?  I will also write to him.  Thanks for all your support with this project!  I think it is one of the most exciting I have ever had kids do!  Love Always, Cathy


We met during morning meeting with our 5th grade leaders-Kaitlyn, Jacob, and Alyssa.  Jacob looks great in his new haircut and Alyssa looks lovely in her new glasses!  Oh, back to KSE!  We reviewed our treasury!  We had a three dollar donation to bring our money to over $32.  The children are deciding what they should do with the money before the end of the school year. Several children are working on drafts of letters to businesses promoting the NO IDLE sign.  Brooklyn and Nick are going to call Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart about a bake sale.  Brianna is going to contact her Grandma and see if we can sell baked items at her rummage sale.  The children are featured with a picture and an article in the Holmen Courier for the NO IDLE SIGN!  We will meet next week to discuss all of our important Earth saving business!   Next meeting 5/9