March 9th

Mar 9th Meeting



Kids for Saving Earth 3-9-07
Today we had the privilege of our fourth graders: Jacob, Alyssa, and Kaitlin lead our meeting.  Alyssa led our singing of the KSE Promise.  Kaitlin helped us add up our treasury.  We had a $2.75 donation from Keegan.  We had a $1.00 donation from Ms. Henriksen.  This brought our grand total to $14.01.  We discussed how to make more money.  Mrs. Clements had it OK’d for our KSE Club to have a table set up at the Spring Carnival.  We will be asking families to bake items, package them in baggies, and price them for 25 cents each.  This could be a family project for KSE.  We have done this fund raiser in the past and it has given us a big chunk of money to use to help save the Earth!  We had several animal presentations.  Brooklyn taught us about whales.  Keara did a KWL about Wild Dogs.  Ruthann did a web about tigers.  Brianna taught us about polar bears.  It was an exciting meeting and we learned a lot.