March 15th

Mar 15th Meeting



Kids for Saving Earth Meeting Minutes 3/15
We had an exciting meeting this week!  Scott led out class in the KSE Promise.  Mrs. Mulder joined us for the meeting.  She was very touched as she listened to the class sing the promise.  We received a donation from the Eide family.  They said they didn’t want any T shirts so they donated $10 to KSE.  Along with Mrs. Burge’s donation for $1 we had $25.01.  This was enough to sponsor an animal.  We read our list of animals and the gorilla, rhino, and wolf were nominated.  We discussed why we should sponsor each animal.  The KSE children felt the wolf was in the greatest danger.  I suppose it helped the wolf’s cause that we just finished our mock Iditarod with the McKinney family.  Keara read her report on wild horses and Ruthann read her report on giraffes.