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La Crosse Tribune article February 5th, 2008

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Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2008
Page: 1
SCHOOL: Viking Elementary School, Holmen, Wis.

Students Involved: 18 third-graders in teacher Cathy Burge’s class, plus
three fifth- graders who are former students of Burge

DETAILS: Students use tooth fairy month, allowances, and some
fundraisers to donate money to national and world-wide environmental
causes. This year the children sent:
$25 to Defenders of Wildlife to sponsor a snowy owl

$10 to Arbor Day Foundation to plant three trees in Yellowstone National

$6 to the Gorilla Foundation to help Koko, a gorilla who does sign
language, find a new habitat

$15 to Environmental Defense to sponsor Polar bears who are losing their
habitat to global warming

CURRENT Project: Inspired by environmental activist Laurie David,
members voted to undertake the project “Stop Idling Your Car.” Ten
percent of our fuel is wasted on idling. In school zones, for instance,
parents leave their cars running for 2 to 20 minutes while waiting to
pick up their kids.

Teacher Cathy Burge and third-grader Connor Murphy entered the Tribune’s
Go Green contest with the goal of winning some prize money to help pay
for a sign that would read: “No Idling Zone.” They were runners-up in
the contest and received $50 to apply toward a sign. Students hope to
design their own sign.

Burge says: “They see this as their legacy, like a senior gift that will
continue giving long after they have left Viking Elementary.”

Cooperation: The project involves school district Building and Grounds
Director John Daily, parents and families of Viking Elementary plus
involvement of the community at the spring school carnival where the
students will have a booth.