Jan 5th Meeting



It was an exciting meeting.  The first Friday of each month we have our KSE Meeting during morning meeting and it is led by our fourth grade partners: Jacob Christie, Alyssa Addleman, and Kaitlyn Inglett.  Jacob led us in the singing of the KSE Promise.  Alyssa conducted the treasurer’s report.  Jenna donated 2 cents to give us a total of $16.14.  Each year the PTO gives every classroom $50 and I always donate ours to KSE so the children can get started on their sponsorships.  Our new total was $60.14.  The children have listened to many interesting animal reports at our KSE Meetings.  The choices for sponsorship were: leopards/Ruthann, hippo/Abrianna, dolphin/Brooklyn, sea turtles/Jenna, wolves/Keara, gorillas/Connor and Keegan, penguins/Ruthann, koalas/Ruthann, kangaroos/Ruthann and Brooklyn, monkey eating eagle/Ruthann.  The children voted and the top two vote getters were: dolphin and leopard.  We looked at Ruthann’s information and to sponsor a leopard you have to buy a goat for $50 so the farmers won’t kill the leopards that prey on their livestock.  Ruthann decided to change to a jaguar instead.  We are sponsoring both animals through the Defenders of Wildlife organization.  The dolphin is $25 and the jaguar is $35.  Our treasury now stands at $6.14.  Nick shared his animal report on elephants and Jacob Christie shared facts about his new hermit crabs.