February 2008

Feb 2008

 A local newspaper is doing a service learning series and I submitted our work as Kids for Saving Earth Club.  The article lists this year’s accomplishments along with our current service learning project.  We won $50 in a Go Green Contest sponsored by the paper.  We are in the design stage of putting up a No Idle Sign for our parent pick up line.  One of the children reported at a KSE meeting about polar bears losing their habitat to global warming. One of our Educational Assistants-Honnie Ammann brought an article by Laurie David “Stop Idling your Car” to our KSE meeting.  The kids put the global warming and no idling together and came up with this plan.  I told them they are like a snowball, we start out small and then keep it rolling until it gets bigger and bigger!  They are so excited about designing the sign.  We present signs on Tuesday and vote!  Then we ship off the design and get it made!