Kids for Saving Earth- We had a busy, productive meeting for KSE this week. Seana led our meeting.  Treasury-$11.54.  We had donations from: Sami ($1), Lexi ($5.25 from her family’s money jar), Logan ($1 allowance), Shane ($0.25 allowance), Mai ($1 saved money to help animals), and Isaac Burge ($3.04 recycled cans for grandma). Jenna Clements, one of our fifth grade leaders donated Zoobooks to add to our collection. The class voted to donate $10 the National Arbor Day Foundation. One of the benefits of the donations is that trees will be planted in honor of three people the class chose. The children voted to donate trees to honor the following people:  Mrs. Herbers (Jonathan’s grandma) for coming to our school for pet therapy, Mrs. Eade for volunteering in our classroom in both 2nd and 3rd grade, and Mrs. Chapman for completing her chemo treatments.  Tessa Hill, president of  KSE, asked each student to fill out a postcard asking President Obama to help stop global warming. So we did. The postcards are on the way to the White House. We also donated some of our extra Kleenex boxes to our CDS Program. Animal reports: Claire/Giraffes, Ben and Shane/Tasmanian Devils, Lexi/Rhinos, and Hannah/Parrots.