December 8th

December 8th Meeting


We began our December 8th meeting with Connor, our Top Banana, leading us in singing the KSE Promise.  Connor lead our treasury report.  We still have $5.41.  There were no new donations.   Connor led the Save the Earth presentations.  Keara did a wonderful presentation on wolves.  Jenna did a sensational sea turtle report.  Brooklyn did a dynamic dolphin report.  All of the reports will be on the KSE website under Viking Elementary!
The fourth graders will lead our KSE Meeting the first Friday of the month during morning meeting.  The second graders voted to have KSE every Friday.  The other meetings will be scheduled during unit time and led by the Top Banana for that day.
Visit the KSE Website at  It is a great place for your child to get ideas to share at our weekly meetings.  You can go directly to the website in the website section of the newsletter.
Next meeting 12/15