Our Air is Warming Up!

Increased global warming occurs because our planet’s air gets heated from too much human-caused air pollution.  Kids can help to find ways to reduce carbon dioxide in the air.

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When you get sick, often your temperature goes up. When Earth’s temperature goes up the heat is making our planet sick. Certain gases caused by pollution from coal, oil, methane and other gases block the sun’s heat from escaping from our planet.

Why is air on Earth warming?

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists (that’s almost all of them) agree global warming (climate change) is caused by human activities that create too much greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide (also called CO2). Most CO2 comes from oil and coal. Forests help absorb Co2 but people are cutting down too many forests. Methane comes from natural gas and livestock (like cows, pigs, and goats). These gases wrap around Earth like a blanket, trapping too much of the sun’s heat.

What problems are caused by warming air on Earth?

1.  Melting polar ice is causing our oceans to flood shorelines.
2.  Our weather has more bad storms and extreme heat.
3.  Plants and animals are struggling to live in weather that isn’t healthy for them.
4.  Environmental illness like asthma is increasing.
5.  In many areas, there are water shortages.
6.  We see more and more wildfires.

Cool the Air, Cool Our Earth
What can kids do to help?

Earth’s air is filled with many needed gases like oxygen, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. They are part of the blanket of greenhouse gases that protect Earth from getting too cold. However, as you have learned, we have way too much carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in our air. Theses cause Earth’s air to warm more than it should.

Steps to Reduce CO2 Emissions:

1. Trees, bushes, and plants absorb (soak up) CO2. To protect Earth plant hundreds of trees and plants. When you see a parking lot, ask the business owner if they can help you plant trees and plants around the lots. With permission, plant trees at your home, apartment, or church. Write a letter telling your local nursery why it should donate a tree for you to plant. Google where to find free trees. Do some fundraising to buy trees.
2. Kids can’t buy electric cars, build Earth-friendly homes, or buy CO2 free heating but you can and You can write a speech about what can be done to reduce CO2 and then read it to your parents or any adult to convince them. You can also send the speech to governmental leaders. Tell them what you think and that YOU have to live with problems that global warming causes.

Simple Actions to Cool Our Earth


Turn off electrical appliances and lights when not using them.

Whenever possible walk or bike instead of riding in a car.

Ask your driver to stop idling their car or bus unless absolutely needed.

Use cloth napkins.