November Letter

Hello Wonderful Earth-savers,

In spite of COVID19 time is going fast. Here it is already November and as usual, there is much to do. I hope you are all healthy and safe, wearing your masks and social distancing. If everyone would do it we would be in much better shape. Unfortunately, there are those who continue the dangerous habits of not wearing masks and not social distancing, thus being super spreaders.

For Americans and Canadians. Autumn is our “official” time to give thanks on Thanksgiving (Oct 12 Canada, Nov 23 USA) I know it’s not easy now but we really should be thankful every day. Let’s work on teaching kids to think about being thankful. Check out What On Earth Am I Thankful For?

After learning more about thanks, you can encourage kids to give of themselves by volunteering. Why not rake an older person’s yard this fall? Or maybe shovel their sidewalk. Kids can work safely outside but they should social distance and wear masks. At the same time they rake leaves, they can learn how to create a compost area.

There are three Cool Earth Campaign activities this month. Check out “National Parks and National Security,” Burning Fossil Fuels” and Z is for Zero.”

Be sure to help support Kids for Saving Earth this month by donating to us during Give to the Max Day. We really need your help! This year we have greatly expanded our

Monarch Project, enhanced and strengthened our website and reached out worldwide to spread the spirit of kids singing our Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song and more.

Be well and protect our Earth