KSE Promise Song Virtual Choir

Happy Earth Day to our Earth-saving Friends,

As promised, here is our Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song Virtual Choir. I hope the spirit of this song and lovely faces of the kids singing it will make you smile and become inspired even more to protect our beautiful Earth.

Click on the virtual choir photos below to hear the Promise and Promise Song.

Please listen to it and be sure to post it on your Facebook.

It will brighten up everyone’s day! Share it any way you can.

I want to give very special thanks to Marty Harding, from North Woods and Waters of the St. Croix Heritage Area for helping this choir come to life. Also a big thank you to Hummingbird Productions in Nashville, TN for years ago creating the music for our KSE Promise and SchoolShine in Los Angeles for producing the virtual choir.

For Earth and our kids,