July Letter

Hello Earth-Saving Friends, 

July is almost here. Times remain difficult and I hope all of you are staying safe and wearing your masks when necessary.

There are many planet-saving activities your kids can do that are safe. The July calendar has several productive Earth-saving activities.

Forest Bathing while reading or drawing is a great way to begin. Have kids bring a sketch pad to their closest batch of trees, lean up against one and start drawing the beauty around them. This will empower them to appreciate and protect all living creatures. There are some libraries that have curbside pick up and/or digital books to use. Check out what is available in your area. Reusing books normally is a great way to help Earth.

 Canceling Junk Mail can be a helpful way kids can work from home to help Earth. Have them print out this postcard to send to companies that are sending them junk mail. It will stop them from wasting paper, energy and money.

Ask your students to use some of their allowance to buy wash clothes to use for Cloth Napkins instead of paper napkins. Have kids read about the basics of global warming and then learn more by checking out our Kids Campaign to Cool Earth. 

Finally, ask your students to print the KSE Promise and ask their family members to sign it. Send it to KSE, 37955 Bridge Road, North Branch, MN. 55056 We will place it on our website.