August 2017

August 2017

Dear Kids for Saving Earth Friends,

School will​ start soon ​ in the United States. ​Wherever​ you live, ​planning ​Earth-saving activities ​to fit​ your curriculum for the year is a wise thing to do. So let that planning session begin this August.  Look through the Kids for Saving Earth website to find activities for reading, math, science and geography.  There are also activities for music and physical education. 
Let’s begin with a few curriculum ideas from the August calendar. The project for this month’s letter W ​features ​Weather and Water.” This is a great science project and will help ​protect​ Earth at the same time.
Another good science activity might be to Protect Honeybees.  There is so much to learn about bees and there are some simple ways kids can help.

Check out Respect the Earth for a lesson in capitalization.

Begin planning an Earth Expo in Your School.  This will take time and creative thinking.

Working with your students on the project is an educational experience for them. Aim for an Earth Day event but begin planning now. You can add music to this event with our Kids for Saving Earth Concert Kit

Finally work on turning your school green inside and out!  Check out this list of Rules for Greening Schools to get started.
Thanks for taking the problems of the Earth seriously