Unite Together to Pay Respect to the Earth
     It’s unbelievable!! No one seems to want to capitalize the word Earth. How can that be? At KSE, we looked it up in the dictionary. Sure enough! Earth is supposed to be capitalized. But everywhere we look, it isn't!! We capitalize our cities, states, countries, etc. But alas, we forget to capitalize the word Earth!
     The point is - we are not being very respectful of the planet Earth in many ways. We don’t take very good care of it. We trash it, we pollute the air, land and water and we forget to capitalize the name of our only home--the planet Earth. So KSE is asking you to tell everyone you know to capitalize the word Earth and stop polluting it. Click here to sign our petition. Just your first name, city, state and school or group, then take the 4 easy steps below to help protect our Earth.
4 Easy Ways to
Respect the Earth
1. Draw a poster that says “Respect the Earth! Capitalize the word Earth.” Hang it in your school and other locations like grocery stores, your parents work or other public places. Get permission!
2. Click on Capitalize Earth to sign the petition
3. Respect the Earth by taking the Kids for Saving Earth Promise. Repeat it out loud or learn to sing the KSE Promise Song.
4. Choose one Earth-saving activity on the KSE web site and commit to it to show your respect for the Earth. Tell KSE what you have chosen! kseww@aol.com

Clinton Hill

Clint was only 11 when he died of cancer, but his dream of a cleaner, healthier planet lives on through you and the club he started...
Kids for Saving Earth!

The Kids for Saving Earth Promise
The Earth is my home,
I promise to keep it healthy and beautiful.
I will love the land the air the water
and all living creatures.
I will be a defender of my planet.
United with friends, I will save the Earth.

Nakatsue Elementary School
Nakatsue Village, Oita Prefecture, Japan. Thanks to “Rusty”, an instructor, working with other earth concerned teachers, they transformed the school into a Defender of the Planet school that respects the Earth.

Tell us who you have asked to learn to capitalize the word Earth.
What local newspaper. ___________________?
What local business?____________________?
What school system?___________________?

What governmental leader_________________?

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