May 2016

Hello Defenders of the Planet!

I hope you had a productive, empowering Earth month and your students enjoyed the experience.  Please email me and tell me about your Earth-saving activities.

Share what worked best for your kids!
This month our “Kid’s Campaign to Cool the Earth A – Z” is focusing on H for health issues as a result of climate change.  I have made every attempt to empower children with activities they can do to cool the Earth to lower
health risks.  It’s reality that we all need to act now to slow global warming.
The May Calendar is filled with many activities to help slow global warming.  There are bird activitiesprecious species activities, butterfly activities, and wild flower activities.  Each in one way or another ties to issues that help or hurt Earth.
One very important activity your students can do is report about all their Earth-saving activities.   Ask them to become KSE Reporters.  Send their stories and drawings to local media.  Their actions, words and concerns count and they can influence people to act to protect Earth.
Thanks for all you do to protect the Earth.