September Letter

Well it’s just about September and back to school time in North America. However, things are a bit different this year. Your students may be in the classroom with you or you may be working virtually. Then again you may start in a classroom but next week things could change. Or you may be in class half of the time and virtual the other half. Whichever way your school district is handling it we just have to figure out a way to make it work.

It would be great to ask your kids to form their own Kids for Saving Earth Club with their friends and family as a school project. There is so much they can do from home. is filled with activities. Also, our monthly calendar provides you with so many easy options to help protect Earth.

Your students can click on How to Start a KSE Club to learn steps to launching their own club.

There are family memberships or memberships for larger groups. Also, there is a free membership.

Some activities they can choose from this month could include starting out by Cleaning Your Desks or in this case, they may need to clean their room. They should begin by separating trash from recyclable items.

Learning the Promise Song might be a great next step. Save Your Money is a good project for kids. They can use some of their allowance money to donate to an environmental organization. Kids for Saving Earth would be a good choice. Wearing Reused Clothes is a really simple way to help Earth.

Make sure to have them look through the entire September calendar to find more ways they can help Earth.

Finally another project is to stay safe by wearing a mask that kids can decorate with Earth-saving messages by using child-save fabric paint. Ask them to write Defender of the Planet to help encourage other people to join in.

Thanks for all your Earth-saving help. I am so sorry teaching has become even more difficult for you.