Epal News 9 – Nov09

November 2009  
The Kids for Saving Earth E-Pal News

Hello Kids for Saving Earth Members and Friends,

Every time I write an E-Pal News I have a hard time limiting the information. Please know that I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. I simply hope to inspire you with several options for Earth-saving activities. Just do what you can.

Global warming can be a scary concept for kids. KSE works to provide positive messages and action-oriented suggestions to empower kids to protect the Earth. Click Programs and look for Global Warming to find easy printouts in English and Spanish. The topics below are ideas for activities that will also help slow global warming.

Real Trees
Remind students whose families celebrate Christmas that the Earth-friendly thing to do is to buy a real Christmas tree. This link explains why Christmas trees help cool the Earth.
“Real Christmas Trees”

Also please use LED lights. They last longer and save energy costs! Google “recycle holiday lights” to find recycling sites for old lights.

The Kids for Saving Earth Rainforest
Kids for Saving Earth has a rainforest program in Costa Rica. Strong, healthy rainforests are crucial for helping to keep the Earth cool. If you would like to get started with rainforest protection, click here: KSE Rainforest. When you help protect our rainforest, you will receive a beautiful KSE Rainforest 22″ x 30″ full color poster and certificate.

Kids for Saving Earth has teamed up with Super Natural Adventures and The Organization for Tropical Studies to protect precious rainforests in Costa Rica. Check out this wonderful short video about the Braulio Carrillo Rainforest: Super Natural Adventures. We are working on plans to connect U.S. students via Skype with Costa Rican kids in rainforest areas. If you are interested in participating in rainforest education programs for both students and teachers, please email us your contact info [email protected].
Green Shopping
We want you to know that we are continuing to add Earth friendly products to our KSE Green Shop. Shopping green is one of the best ways to help prevent global warming. We now have holiday cards and year-round cards. Sending out KSE Eco-cards is a great way to protect the Earth. Kids love it! Postcards take less recycled paper, there is no envelope, and they weigh less, saving transportation and postal costs.

Also check out the new video U’bejani. It’s a story about the endangered Black Rhino and I think your kids will enjoy it. – Soon to arrive – Stainless steel water bottles – check out the great price next month!

Your holiday gift to Kids for Saving Earth would be to email all the teachers you know and ask them to join Kids for Saving Earth. Forward this email to get them started..

Thanks so much.

For the Earth and its children,

Tessa Hill
President, Kids for Saving Earth
Office: 763-559-1234
Cell: 651-442-9433
37955 Bridge Road
North Branch, MN 55056 

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail.