Steps to Starting Your KSE Club

Starting a new Kids for Saving Earth Club is easy. Our KSE website is a good place to start and it costs nothing. Ordering a few items from the site, however, will speed the process and help ensure your club’s success.

Order a group membership large enough for the size of your group.
It includes an Action Guide, membership certificates,(20, 50, or 100), an All About KSE DVD and a Rock the World CD, (includes the Promise Song you hear on the site) If you can’t afford this, at least order the FREE KSE membership which includes helpful educational pieces to get you started and the DVD. You can listen and download the KSE Promise song free by clicking here.

A good way to begin is with the Call to Action form and program. Play the All About KSE DVD for the students. Discuss some environmental issues that are important in your area. Here are a couple of links to help you get some ideas:Global WarmingSo What’s a Toxic Waste SiteTeaching Grownups.
To get families involved, print out the Call to Action forms (to get families involved) from this link.
Send the Call to Action forms home with kids. Ask them to talk with their families and decide important activities they all can do to help protect the Earth.

When kids return the signed forms, you post them on a bulletin board to show their commitments to
protecting the Earth. If your entire school is involved, perhaps post the forms on hallway walls. When students do good Earthworks, give them Defenders of the Planet forms printed from this site.

Next, pick a KSE Action Program from the program page to do as a school or classroom.


For fun, review page 18 in the Action Guide and plan an Eco-Carnival. You will make games from trash. You can earn funds for your school.


For more ideas for eco-activities, watch for an email containing our KSE Monthly Letter every month. Make sure you have added [email protected] to your address book so that your spam blocker won’t block out important information from KSE.

Celebrate Earth Day each year! It is a worldwide way to celebrate the home we all share.


Let us know what Earth-saving activities you are doing. We will create a web page for your group to let the world know how you are helping to protect the Earth. Send photos, drawings, and stories!


Click here for a printable PDF.

Always stay upbeat, peaceful, and positive with
the kids. Thanks for helping them help the Earth.
A healthy Earth is so important to their future.