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Welcome to the Kids for Saving Earth E-Pal NEWS. My son Clinton, founder of Kids for Saving Earth was a kid just like you. He loved to be outside enjoying nature and swimming or fishing in lakes. He was worried, though about the increasing pollution in the water. Three-fourths of our planet is covered with water and much of it is polluted. That means it is filled with bad stuff including dangerous poisons that can harm the plants, the water animals and even us. We need to take this very seriously.

One thing that is happening is that mercury that goes into the air from coal burning power plants ends up in the Earth’s waters. We need to have better laws that stop coal burning plants from creating this pollution. To learn more about water go to KSE’s Wonderful World of Water program listed on www.kidsforsavingearth.org. Your Earth-saving assignment is to make a colorful poster. Your directions are in the E-Pal Alert below.

Remember when you are working to save the Earth, always act peacefully,


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This is a story about a teacher and her Kids for Saving Earth group. They are all truly Defenders of the Planet.

From Viking Elementary, Wisconsin
Advisor: Instructor, Cathy Burges

At Viking Elementary School in Holmen, Wisconsin I facilitate two KSE Clubs. The third and fourth grade club each meet monthly. We begin each meeting with the KSE Promise. Next we have the treasury report. You may be wondering how we raise money for our club. Well it is really up to the children. I encourage them to initiate the ideas and work with the support of their families. The children have raised money by taking out the garbage, raking leaves, shoveling driveways, picking up trash, keeping their rooms clean, donating tooth fairy money or allowance, donating money they find in the furniture or on the sidewalk, having bake sales and craft sales, and recycling aluminum cans. The money raised by the children is used to sponsor Earth saving projects brought forth to the club by the children. In the past we have donated money to sick children and sponsored gorillas, whales, dolphins, and koalas.
For more information visit https://kidsforsavingearth.org/school/burges/index.htm.

Check out KSE’s Web site and you will find a “Precious Species” link. Help us learn more about the animals that live in water by writing a short report on one of your favorite water animals. Also draw a picture of that animal and either send or e-mail the story and the picture to Kids for Saving Earth (you can find our address in the section below). Make sure to draw with bright colors or markers on white, unlined paper. Your creature may be featured on our Web site or on one of our educational materials.

Protect Our Earth’s Water

We must have clean water for all living creatures to stay healthy! Lakes, rivers and oceans are being polluted with Mercury and other poisons. Stronger laws to protect waters are needed.
Draw a picture of kids and fish swimming in water. Title the drawing “Help Protect Us” and at the bottom of the poster write “Keep Mercury Out of Our Water!” E-mail the posters to [email protected] or send them to:

37955 Bridge Rd, 
North Branch, MN 55056

We will send them to governmental leaders like President Bush, presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The links below will show you how you can earn money to help protect the earth.

  • You can easily earn funds buy selling Paul Newman organic chocolate — https://kidsforsavingearth.org/crunchtime.html
  • You can buy healthier cleaning products and earn funds on the sales Green Earth Shop — http://www.restoreproducts.com/KSE_index.html
  • You can read for the Earth and also have a used book sale — https://kidsforsavingearth.org/reading/reading1.htm
  • You can earn funds by having a PopCan Carnival — https://kidsforsavingearth.org/popcans.htm

Check out our new Earth-saving friends then email KSE at [email protected] to let us know if you would like to obtain their Earth Day (and other days) Earth Seeds media kit — www.earthseeds.net