A Fundraising Project from Kids for Saving Earth

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EcoPhones’ cell phone and inkjet recycling fundraisers pay your group up to $300 per cell phone and up to $5 per inkjet printer cartridge. Earn cash for every cell phone and cartridge – even broken, and unlisted models are eligible to receive payment. There’s nothing to buy and nothing to sell. There are no mailing costs! Simply ask family members, neighbors, co-workers and local businesses to donate and recycle their used cell phones and inkjet cartridges. For those of you who have laser toner cartridges, please save those as well. As you collect them, give them to the group who has provided you with this flyer. This is a wonderful program because it allows your or group to earn funds, helps protect the Earth and saves the oil used in the manufacturing process. Go to Evolve Recycling for more information.

Each year only 5-10% of ink cartridges for inkjet printers are recycled. With over 150 million ink jet printers around the world that means millions of unrecycled cartridges are going into our landfills each year.
Left over ink clings to used cartridges and can end up polluting our groundwater that we need for drinking.

Industry sources say an average of 1/2 gallon of oil is conserved for each cartridge recycled.

In 2004 around 400 million toner cartridges ended up in U.S. landfills. Each year the number of cartridges that are thrown away increase by 12 %.
If all the ink cartridges thrown away in one year were placed end to end they would circle the Earth.

Each laser cartridge (used in copiers and laser printers) that is thrown away adds about 1 to 4 pounds of plastic, metal and chemicals to a landfill.
You can earn hundreds of dollars each year by starting your inkjet, laser toner cartridge reycling program and even more by recycling old cell phones!