Unsun Fun

Yippee! It’s summertime and that means playing outside in the bright sun. Do you know that too much sun can be dangerous for your skin? Playing outside on a very sunny day can cause sunburn and that’s a problem. Learn how to help protect your skin, help the Earth and have some UnSun Fun at the same time.

  1. If your school, church or home outside play areas already have lots of trees, that’s great! If not talk to your parents, teachers and principal about creating an “UnSun” Fun area for you to play in when the sun is bright. Earn some money by checking out this link and use the funds to buy trees for your UnSun area. You might want to see if your local nursery will donate some tall trees. Planting trees also helps to slow global warming and creates habitat for birds and other animals.
  2. Ask your parents to help you find very light weight clothing with long sleeves to cover your skin from the sun.

  3. Either you or you parents should go to this Environmental Working Group site http://www.ewg.org/2010sunscreen/ to learn which sunscreen products would be best and safe for you.
  4. Ask your mom or dad to help you find an old hat you can reuse. Make sure it has some kind of a rim on it so that it protects your face from the sun. Next decorate
    your hat using nontoxic water based
    paints such as puff paints.Google
    to find a non toxic version. Also
    find friends to do this with you
    so you can share the cost of paint.
    Paint the words UnSun Fun or
    KSE on your hat 
  5. The Power of the Sun
    Learn more about the power of the sun and and how it can help the Earth by reducing our need for oil, gas, coal and nuclear power. Go to Sun Power a bright idea to learn more


Click here for a downloadable and printable version.