Meet your Congressman

(This is a U.S. Activity but could easily be adjusted for another country)

It’s not always so easy to meet your United States Senator or President, but it is
easy to set up an appointment to meet your Congressperson. Take these steps to
meet your Congressperson and convince him/her to help you protect the Earth.

1. If you don’t know who your Congressperson is, use this link to find his or her

2. Next Google your Congressperson’s name to obtain his or her local office phone number.

3. Have a group discussion to decide what environmental issue you want to discuss. If you don’t know what you want to discuss, check out this link about environmental issues for ideas.

4. Write articles and draw pictures about the environmental issue you have chosen.

5. Call your Congressperson to set up an appointment.

6. Before you visit your Congressperson, take time to study how our government
works. In the U.S. check out this link