Epal News 7 – Earth Day 08

Happy Earth Month from Kids for Saving Earth!

Here are 5 easy steps to help you take action on Earth Day.  You can make it a big event or you can make it a small classroom or group event.

As educators I know you are overwhelmed with so much to do and so little time.  Below are links on our
web site that will provide you with an easy but very inspiring activity to do for Earth Day.

Here is how to begin:

1.  Click here to print out a Call to Action Form and the Kids for Saving Earth Certificate.
Ask your students to take the Call to Action form to their family to
choose 3 Earth-saving activities they will all agree to do to help protect our
Earth.   (if you have an especially active student, you may want to give them a
Defender of the Planet award-also located on the above link.)

2.  Download the Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song. Click here to play it during an
awards ceremony.  To all those who returned their signed Call to Action form you
will present the Kids for Saving Earth certificate. ( Since we really don’t want to leave
anyone out, for those who forgot their form, you may want to help them fill it out.)
Very often teachers have placed the Call to Action forms all over their classroom
or even in the hallway outside their classroom door.  You may want to have the children
announce some of the Earth-saving activities they plan to do with their families

3. Once they have the certificates you can recite the Promise and then sing along with the
Kids for Saving Earth Promise Song.

4.  Help us show the world what you are up to. Take digital photos during the event.
We will post them on our web site. Provide us your school name and the city and
state in which you are located. 

5. Finally, for extra activities if you wish, check out all these E-Pal News editions to find
more quick activities you can do from capitalizing the word Earth (#2)  to learning about
how to stop global warming. (#4)  Click here

Thanks for helping Kids help the Earth!!

Tessa Hill
[email protected]
President, Kids for Saving Earth
37955 Bridge Road
North Branch, MN 55056

Co-Chair, Healthy Child Healthy World