A calming location that is free of noise
from droning equipment, men and fumes.
A quiet, peaceful refuge for all God’s creatures –
big and small.

Green space – place where animals
can freely eat and roam.
No invasion by chemicals, saws or commotion.

Green space – where caterpillars evolve
peacefully into beautiful butterflies.
There are no heavy-duty, over-sized machinery that gobbles
up the earth, the flowers and trees that they alight upon.

Green space
exhibits freedom, serenity
and a place for the animals in their kingdom
that was bequeathed them by God!

                        -Virginia Bryan

The ocean space is the place to be
Air rushing to and fro
Friends top to say hello
But unfortunately, I broke my toe
I’m still breathing in air
And stretching more now to let the pain go
I have a little time left before I can go to the gym
With water shoes or to a lake
So keep all waters clean and fresh

We’re going to the Ohio Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
And there will be plenty of green space in the park
We’re taking a rented RV to cut down on the amount
Of single vehicles
For heavy traffic is not for me
I like ducks, even geese, rabbits and deer
And collect bears, but of course not real bears
Or skunks that sometimes hide
For animals must be free to live outside

It isn’t really fair
To pollute the air
So simple is best
Let pain and anxiety go
It’s a new experience
Enjoy it as you go
For this is what green space is to me
For all humans and animals to be free

                         -Linda Franciosa

A clean natural habitat for animals
are what vibrant green trees are.
They must be left alone to grow
and to nourish the earth too.
Without trees, we cannot breathe
healthy air.

Ridding the earth of trees forces
animals out into our areas of living space.
And then some feel invaded upon.
But what else can the animals do
when their space is stolen from them?

                               -Lola Shie