Transitions Green Committee

Welcome to the Transitions Green Committee Defenders Page!

The Transitions Green Committee is a club that cleans up trash in local parks and around the neighborhood. We also have clothing and food drives to help out people in need. We also collect donations for organizations like The Ronald McDonald House, Nourish PHX and many more. Another way we make sure people have enough food to eat is by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.

We also recycle a lot of items everyday and reuse many items that we’ve collected over the years to make recycled art. Before we throw anything away, we always try to find another way to use it or reuse the same objects over and over again. We also collect dead batteries to be recycled properly.  And another thing we do while we’re recycling is take things like plastic grocery bags and other things that can’t be recycled in regular recyclables that are Store Drop Off items to our local grocery stores.

One thing we make sure of while we’re disposing things is that they’re disposed of properly so that no recyclables end up going to the landfill and that they go to the recycling center instead. We also donate clothes and things that we’ve outgrown or that we don’t use anymore to donation companies like Goodwill and other companies that except donations like that.

We’ve also planted lots of flowers to make the neighborhood more green and beautiful and to make the air more clean. We also like to help take care of all living creatures like Butterflies and all the other creatures around us. We also help to protect them, especially if that species  of animals is endangered so that we can help them from going into extinction. We all work very hard to do everything we can do each and everyday of the year to save the Earth and to keep it clean and green for everyone.  Between all the good deeds we do along with so many more, our #1 goal is to keep the Earth healthy, beautiful, clean and green so that we all can have a home to live in, and plenty of fresh air to breathe and clean water to drink. When it comes to saving the Earth, we don’t stop until the deed we start is done and has been done in the correct way. Because once we know that we’ve finished what we’re doing, we know that it makes us feel very happy. Because a clean planet is a happy planet.