PS 11

Joining this organization has really helped to enrich my afterschool environmental club. Stating the pledge at each of the bi-weekly sessions has made the children feel as if they are part of a much larger national effort. Students often and proudly wear their KSE t-shirts to these meetings. It was the members’ wise suggestion to share with you how we honored Earth Day last week. The P.S. 11 environmental club of Woodside, NY, sponsored an art contest. Students school wide were asked to create an endangered specie out of used materials. Two Toys-R-Us gift cards were presented to the winners (one from grades K-3, the other from grades 4-6). Each participant was given a Kids for Saving Earth certificate printed on previously used copy paper. In all we received 30 sculptures, surpassing my expectation of receiving 10-15 projects and making the selection of winning pieces difficult for myself and the club members.We hope you enjoy the pictures of the students’ very artistic and very “green” creations. Thank you for the wonderful resources you provide.

Carolyn Olszewski and P.S. 11’s KSE members