Las Vegas Kids for Saving Earth

It was such a busy year with all kinds of field trips…thought to take it slower this year. We are looking into joining a community Earth Day Event that I went to last year.  Still waiting for a call back.  We are trying to brainstorm to do a community reach-out to make a difference.  One of the gals thought to figure out how to eliminate junk mail and switching over to compact fluro bulbs.  In addition to Earth Day we will do Earth Day picnic/potluck.  We will join Jen during the summer for the wonderful hikes.  Looking to set up a presentation with friends of Nevada Wilderness. We connected with a Interpretive Naturalist Jen  from the RedRock Canyon Association for great classes as Junior Rangers like “leave no trace”& tortoise habitat.  The hikes and classes help us appreciate our Earth and respect it.


Field Trips

  • Traved to Utah for to the corn maize where kids can actually see, touch and feel corn.  They have hay rides, a cow train and many animals to see.
  • Farm Festival – every kinds of animals to bugs to see and learn about.  Many community organizations come to teach the kids.
  • We planted trees in the spring for the Las Vegas Wash project “Green Up” to help enhance the Wash from erosiion and imporve Wildlife habitat.
  • “Springs Preserves” a new museum – all about the history of Nevada, water conservation (hands ons games), recycling and the early settlers.  You can’t just go once.
  • Whole Foods Market – learn about recycling, alternative energy and windpower along with treats along the way.
  • America recycle day at our UNLV University the kids go to see how items are crushed to get ready to go to the recycler.   The project was started by a student who has kept the project going for 4 years.


  • Homeschool convention along with a Shaklee Get Clean booth we handed out and shared our club.
  • We followed the expedition of Artic explorer Will Stegar and his team to Baffin Island as they document and help us better understand the climate changes going on.
  • Continued the tradition of our annual Earth Day event…the best one so far.  We had to tackle the harsh winds and catch flyers and posters as they made there excape.  We invited many organizations from the communitee to participate with us.

Your LVKSE Club Team
Tina Ebaugh, Sheila Buchanan, Kim Esquivel and Suzan Reed
Las Vegas Kids for Saving the Earth Club

For Kids and their families who care about the Earth and want to take Action
We are always looking to exchange links with other light-minded groups or businesses like friendly housekeepers, organic co-ops etc or to do a workshop for us..