Destiny Garden School

We took the following photos today with grade 1 pupils in our DESTINY GARDEN SCHOOL. Normally in our country grade one are 6-8 years old. They learnt today what a nursery is and what are kept in it before moving small plants/seedling to the garden or farm. They were able to learn about JIKO BURNER which is an incinerator that is locally made and the first one in our [Kenya] made in a school to burn waste papers or materials that help us to get manure and by products we use for making bricks which we might use for building a foundation for our ENVIRONMENTAL HALL in future to learn more on environment.

We bought 122 metres long and 22 metres wide land for our SCHOOL but are renting 7 rooms in a building adjacent. This land was bought to us by GERMAN volunteers but we are yet to put a building of our own. For now we have planted 66 trees around it and mostly hard wood trees that we do water daily through a borehole next to our school. We pull water with a rope about 180 feet long borehole. We enjoy doing it and we plant cowpeas vegetable that supports our pupils’ diet thrice in a week.

We have a plan to get more waste materials from polluted environment near our school for building so that we make more bricks for putting a foundation and build first an environmental school for kids and we might call it KIDS SAVE the Earth campus or DESTINY GARDEN JUNIOURS ENVRONMENTAL SCHOOL to help kids in our country learn the relationship between humans and the environment.

There is a big debate about MAU forest where people have destroyed and its affecting our climate and many people depend on its catchments ability but our politician are not seeing the sense to protect our environment. We want a big campaign to begin at nursery and lower grade level.

Jacob Boaz Muoga 

This is where we are going to have an irrigation system to water out vegetables.  We have onions, kale, tomatoes and other short term growing plants to  help feed our children.  We also will have a plant to make bio fuel. We are going to expand our nursery to supply 5000 tree seedlings per month from the usual 1000 seedlings for our nation.