What happens at a meeting is really up to you. But we have some suggestions for making your meetings both fun and productive. There are many ways to participate in KSE Clubs. They can meet outside of school or they can be part of a class curriculum. For example, so teachers set aside KSE Club time for students to do environmental activities as a class or i teams. The following ideas will help you structure your Club meetings, no matter when they’re held.

You can make KSE a part of your regular school curriculum in many ways:

Set aside a Kids for Saving Earth Club time in which you do KSE activities.

Incorporate discussion and activity ideas in science, social studies, art, language, and other classes.

Let students choose activities they can do for extra credit.

Copy the worksheets and puzzles for students to do in their free time. Use recycled paper and make two sided copies.

Take a field trip to a recycling facility, wind farm, water treatment plant, or other facility demonstrating environmentally responsible techniques.