October Letter

Happy Earth-savers,

Happy October! We continue with uncertain times and plans for school activities world wide. It’s a challenge but you all know how much children need you, their school and extracurricular activities. As usual, I know you will forge on.  

The most important activity you can do this month is to focus on voting and helping your students understand the importance of voting for our Earth.  

They can help spread the Earth-saving message by printing our Vote for Earth poster and putting it on their refrigerator. 

A fun activity kids can do either at home or at school is to create their own CanCan Carnival. Make sure they start collecting cans for the games they can create. 

A great way to reuse is to have your students create their Earth-saving Halloween costume with old clothes and even trash. See how creative they can get while protecting Earth at the same time.

Teaching Grown-ups is a perfect program for learning from home. This time, however, the kids are teaching their parents. 

I hope your Fall is beautiful. Savor our Earth!