May Letter

Earth Month is over but please keep up the Earth-saving activities. Our planet needs you in May and all year! 

Last month we provided you with many in-home/yard activities to do while we are required to stay home. Check out Earth Day 5 if you haven’t used it. One of the activities in this month’s calendar is to create a Children’s Forest in your backyard. Check with your local plant and garden stores and order just a few sapling trees to place in your backyard. Don’t forget to add a bird feeder to attract birds.  

There are lots of other bird activities you can do for this month. One is to simply ask your students to join the Backyard Bird Count.  How about creating a backyard habitat for Monarchs because  Monarchs Matter! 

I’ve been on several phone calls with classrooms this week. It has been great. I love seeing those smiling faces and if you would like me to visit your classroom through zoom or whatever technology you use, just let me know and we’ll get it scheduled. 

Stay well, keep your distance, and wear your masks. We will get through this.