Once a KSE Kid, Now a KSE Adult. Still Defenders of the Planet.

Meet Martha Iserman! She became a KSE Defender of the Planet as a child in Minnesota when she joined Kids for Saving Earth. Martha is now a talented artist with a graduate degree in science illustration.  She  continues to show others the beauty of our Earth while living and working in a fern rainforest in Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne, Australia. Her specialty is in entomology illustration and other arthropods and Enjoys depicting intricate and delicate creatures and systems.  Martha explains, “I credit your organization as one of the major influences that led to my current career as a science illustrator. I’ve worked for numerous scientific institutions including the Smithsonian Institute and Field Museum and have illustrated 2 Life Sciences textbooks. My love for nature and conservation was fostered by KSE and I have fond memories of my time learning at the meetings as a kid. Kids for Saving Earth helped make me who I am today.” Click here to check out Martha Iserman to see how she illustrates the living things on planet Earth. 

Thank  you Martha for your contribution to protecting our environment and spreading the spirit of KSE!