January Letter

It’s a new year and let’s make it a great year! Welcome to January 2021. We know there’s lots of work to do and you can really make a big difference by empowering your students with Earth-saving activities.

Our “Write-On” campaign is an easy way to make a big difference. Kids can help change the attitude of many a government official. As an instructor, you can inspire your kids to write letters to their mayors asking them to help protect our Earth! So go for it. Ask them to draw pictures as well.

This calendar is filled with projects you can do in your classroom or virtually. There are several projects to help kids learn about cooling Earth: The Kids Campaign to Cool EarthThe Cool Earth TeamDolphins, and Climate Change.

Have a fun day asking your kids to wear green to school or in their own home classroom. Have a Green Day

And wow! Check out “Find a Recycle Center!” Did you know that Target and Home Depot will accept several items to recycle?

Check out our January calendar for the best activity for your group. Make sure to help kids keep their Earth-saving New Year’s resolutions. Also, remind them to say “Bye Bye to Throw-Away Water Bottles!”  Let us know if you have ideas for protecting Earth activities or if you have questions! Thank you.