January Letter

Welcome to the New Year! There’s lots to do so let’s get busy.

The calendar for January focuses on water issues. It would be great if you would talk with your students about making New Year’s Resolutions to commit to protecting Earth’s water.

Let’s start with Dolphins and Climate change and Polar Bears and Global Warming. Their oceans are warming making the water more difficult to live in and melting the solid ice areas that polar bears need to survive. Let’s protect dolphins and polar bears by working to stop global warming.

H2 Oh Oh is a great overview about the importance of water in our lives and a review of what we must do to protect it. Ask your kids to see what their adult friends know about water issues by taking a test about water. Finally, check out Bye Bye throw-away water bottles and order reusable bottles for your classroom.

I want to remind you that the 50th anniversary of Earth Day will be here soon on April 22. Make the month of April a big deal in your school, church, scouting group or whatever group you have organized to work together on Earth-saving.

One great way to educate and celebrate Earth Day is to order the Rock the World Concert Kit and have a concert event in your school. It includes a script along with all our sheet music that can be reproduced. There’s even an accompaniment CD for the songs so you can put on the concert without needing an orchestra or piano player.

Go for it please. Now more than ever, we really need to protect our Earth.]