Email Epal

You can become E-Pals with some of your governmental leaders.  That means that you can tell the President, the Vice President, your Senator, your Congressional Representative, and other leaders how you feel about environmental issues.  If you want them to know that the Earth needs protecting — tell them.  Always be polite!

E-mail the President and Vice President of the United States at: 
[email protected]

[email protected]
Call the U.S. Congress switch board at:

Ask the operator to put you through to your Senator or Congressional Representative.  When their office answers, tell them who you are and where you are from.  Ask for their E-mail and street address.  Be sure to get their phone number too.  Always say thank you!

You say whatever you think about regarding the need to protect the Earth.  Tell them you are concerned about the health of the land, air, water, and all living creatures.  Always be polite. Don’t forget to E-mail KSE a copy of your letter.