Welcome to the Kids for Saving (KSE) web site. KSE believes that Earth-saving is one of the most important educational activities you can do with your students. We welcome you to look over much of what we offer in the way of educational curriculum on the projects link, including simple printable action-oriented worksheets, downloads of the KSE Promise Song, and more. These activities can be used with many curriculum subjects from math to music.

Our educational material is informative and empowering. Some of the more frightening environmental issues we leave to other organizations to tackle. You can join as a classroom, an entire school, a Scout or church group, or whatever group you want to organize.  Some groups join Kids for Saving Earth as a member but prefer to use another name for their group. This is perfectly ok. These groups are still a part of the Kids for Saving Earth network. You will receive the materials as noted in the Family Membership. The guidebooks are filled with “education into action” activities. (one for pre-school activities and one for K-12 activities).  Among other items, the Group Membership also includes 30 colorful Promise Certificates. (you can order more certificates if you wish.) The membership cards for you to print out can be found in the forms section of the website.

The Group Membership fee is low, but if you would rather join for free, we are happy to welcome you.  The free membership includes sample materials and information how to utilize the online activities. Also, as with all memberships, it includes an All About Kids for Saving Earth DVD.

Please stay in touch with us after you have begun your environmental activities. We delight in supporting good Earthworks and we like to pass on your successful environmental activities to other families and educators.  To tell us about your Earth-saving activities email us at [email protected]

Finally, remember that any support for Kids for Saving Earth would be very much appreciated.  We are a nonprofit organization and we are always in need of help.

Activities For Teachers of Little Kids

(Be sure to update us on your environmental activities on a regular basis.)

For the Earth and its Children,

President, Kids For Saving Earth
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