March Letter 2020

Welcome to March!

March is a good time to seriously think about what you are going to do for Earth month in April. Many of the activities in March can be carried over to April. It’s not too soon to start!

Here’s something simple. Decide on an issue your group is really concerned about like “We are worried about all the junk mail people receive”. Create and sign a petition committing to canceling all the junk mail you and your family receive. You can print and fill out this postcard. Send it to the company that sent the junk mail. Keep a record in your classroom of all the junk mail you have canceled. Send it to KSE. We will place your petition on our website. For a topic for your petition, you can choose from many issues on our KSE website.

Here’s something else your students can sign starting right now. Print out this no idling form. Explain to your students why idling cars and buses add carbon dioxide to the air and how that increases global warming. Check out Burning Fossil Fuels to learn more. Print a form for each student and ask them to have their parents and friends sign it. Finally, collect all the forms and give it to your school’s principal requesting that buses don’t idle while waiting for students to get off and on the bus.

Wind Power is such an important way to protect Earth and slow climate change. Check out this project and find ways you can encourage government leaders to support building wind farms.

Begin with these activities right away in March and carry them through Earth Day or longer. KSE will be providing you with additional activities for the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day throughout the month of March. Be sure to “like” our KSE Facebook to learn even more.

Don’t forget to spread the Kids for Saving Earth Earth-saving message to all your friends and associates. There are free or low cost memberships to Kids for Saving Earth that will help them get started with their environmental activities. Also, be sure to ask your music instructors to order a Kids for Saving Earth Concert Kit.

Thank you Defenders of the Planet!