September Letter

Our theme for Earth-saving work this month is for all of us to join together to help clean up Earth.

There are several projects on the September Calendar that will help your students clean up pollution on Earth.

Our Call to Action program is a good way to launch the month by telling kids to ask their families to work on a variety of projects. Encourage students to get started on Clean up Earth projects.

Next start with How Healthy is My School? Many items on the check off list to clean up your school will help clean Earth at the same time. Clean Your Desk” is a recycling project you can do to help keep Earth healthier. Clean up the World is an international effort to clean up pollution on our planet. Finally, the Last Plastic Straw is such an important project to do. Kids can make a big difference. Print it and give it to each child to bring home for their families to focus on ways to cut unnecessary use of straws.

Learning about what happens at a Kids for Saving Earth meeting is helpful and a great way to get your school club started. Then ask kids to Join the Cool Earth Team.

Don’t forget to learn the KSE Promise Song and Order the Concert Kit to add a little spirit and inspiration to your school activities.

Email us to let us know what you are planning for this coming school year. Thank you!

Here is an important reminder. The Amazon Rainforests are burning. How can we help our rainforests and protect the lungs of Earth, Check out our KSE Rainforest Program.