October Letter

Hello all Defenders of the Planet,

We can’t give up on Earth. There is so much to do. Here are a few suggestions for October but when you link to the October calendar you will find many more.

A good way to begin is to have your students teach

grown-ups about what they can do to help Earth. Check out

Teaching Grown-ups so kids can teach adults about recycling,

toxic waste and more. After they teach an adult, ask the adult to

sign their name on the Teaching Grown-ups form to demonstrate they have learned the lesson. Give your students extra credit when they return the signed forms.

In America kids celebrate Halloween by dressing up in

costumes and knocking on doors to collect candy. Why

not go to a thrift shop to find a costume? Make it an

Earth-saving costumeThen have a costume contest in your classroom.

Here’s a really simple way to help Earth; Stop buying paper napkins. You can buy a batch of wash clothes from a big box store to use for napkins, they are easy to wash when needed. Another easy way to help Earth is to use a library instead of buying new books.

Do you want to have some fun and make money for your school? Put on a CanCan carnival. It would be a great Halloween or Fall Festival activity. In addition to the games KSE has created, kids can get creative by designing their own games with trash and recycled products.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2019 Barron Prize winners! If you ever wonder what you can do to make Earth a better place to live, you’ll get lots of inspiration by learning about these young people. Don’t forget, your students too can be a Barron Prize winner!

Here’s a reminder that you can help Kids for Saving Earth by making KSE your charity choice on smile.amazon.com so that when you order through Amazon, Amazon will automatically donate to KSE. It will cost you nothing.